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— How to incorporate art into the home like a professional

Choosing the perfect piece of art for a space is truly only half of the battle. Figuring out where to actually hang the new piece, how to incorporate other artwork in its midst, and where exactly it should live can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. Most of us have taken a hammer and nail to the wall without a clear direction or plan of what we’re doing, but luckily there are some easy tricks of the trade that can help us to display our artwork in a more inviting, luxurious way. The results can add so much to an interior space, if done properly.

Jackson Hole gallery owner Tayloe Piggott has always believed that artwork is a key facet that drives a home’s interior spaces. Tayloe is a close collaborator, placing artwork in Snake River Interiors projects for years. Specializing in modern and contemporary art, her gallery expresses a sharp appreciation for sophisticated aesthetic vision. Based in JH, Tayloe’s business displays an interest in artistic discovery. Both mindful and thought-provoking, the gallery aims to enrich cultural dialogue by bringing remarkable artists into an already flourishing arts community. On a personal level, she’s always been fascinated and moved by art in its many formats.

We chatted with Tayloe to learn some professional tips for incorporating art into the home successfully and beautifully.

SRI: Tell us about the history & the backstory of Tayloe Piggott Gallery. 

TP: Tayloe Piggott Gallery started when Mike Piggott and I opened a frame shop on Broadway Street back in 2000. We worked from the small red building where the interior design company, Stockton and Shirk, now resides. It was within this space that Mike and I operated not only a frame shop, but also as a formal art gallery that represented local artists and jewelry designers. Through passion and hard work, I was able to grow the business into the expansive gallery that is now located in downtown Jackson on South Glenwood Street. It’s always such a joy to share what I have learned from over 20 years of being in the art world. 

SRI: Tell us about some of the artists you represent. 

TP: I have always been fascinated by art in its many forms and have built my gallery from representing fresh aesthetic vision. I now represent well-known contemporary artists from around the world such as Wolf Kahn, John Alexander, Alex Katz, and many more. Regardless of medium, I have always hoped to showcase artwork that is sophisticated and unique. 

SRI: There are several artists associated with 22 Home & Snake River Interiors that we adore!

TP: Yes! It is always evident within the keen eye of an interior designer that they understand the impact of a personal art collection and what it creates within a home. When I have worked on interior design projects alongside 22 Home, I’ve always been impressed by their understanding of how to guild clients to augment or begin their own personal art collections. Each of the artists that 22 Home has worked with through my gallery have been in light of this necessary connection between the personal collection of each art collector and the interior designer. 

SRI: In terms of color, what should you think about when choosing art for a space?

TP: From the side of the art world, I believe that each artwork drives the home’s interiors—not the other way around. 

SRI: When purchasing new art for a space, do you concentrate heavily on color & mood? 

TP: I enjoy the collector’s connection to the work of art to determine their acquisition. Filling a home with not only beautiful, impactful art, but artwork that brings joy to the owners. To me, that’s always the most important aspect to focus on.

SRI: Do you suggest to ever design a room around a piece of art? 

TP: Absolutely! After being within the world of fine art for over 20 years, I have consistently found that our collectors most often design their interiors around an important, meaningful piece of art.

SRI: What are other ways to place art around the house without hanging?

TP: A true collector tends to find space for artwork that has caught their eye and heart. Whatever one needs to do to surround themselves with beautiful art is always worth it!

SRI: What are a few infallible places for hanging artwork?

TP: I believe that each artwork speaks back to the space in which it resides and that any space where the artwork harmonizes is in an infallible place. That being said, I do believe the entry is a special place in a home. When guests open the door to your home and see the presence of art, it sets the tone for the rest of the house. Also installing artwork in everyday spaces where there are conversations and laughter (such as your kitchen, dining room, and living room) is truly wonderful. These spaces, along with placing a personal piece in intimate spaces such as your bedroom, dressing closet, and bathroom, can bring important moments of peace to your everyday life.   

SRI: How can artwork add visual balance to a room? 

TP: The artwork within a home is a key element that can balance the architectural, interior, and exterior aspects of the home. Artwork can bring all of these delicate details together and help to create interesting spaces. For example, you can grow and create intrigue in a small room by adding art. Sometimes within a small space, it is best to install a large work because it creates an interesting proportion to scale and balances the wall. 

SRI: When arranging more than once piece together on a wall, what’s the key to getting it right?

TP: I think of artworks as individuals who bring their own story to a dinner party. When curating at the gallery, I always ask: “What will these artworks talk about after I leave, and the lights have been turned off?” I know I have done a good job curating when I can feel the energy between the pieces, and I know that each work will interact and harmonize with the others around it. 

SRI: What tips do you have for choosing the perfect piece for a space?

TP: For me, this has always been about intuition. It is interesting how you can have a very expansive wall and find that a small, intimate piece holds the same strength on the wall as a large piece. And because of this, choosing the perfect piece has everything to do with each client’s personal art collection.

SRI: Are there different things to consider for different rooms? (for example: bathroom vs bedroom) 

TP: I do not let the purpose of a specific room dictate what art should be placed there. I believe that it is of the utmost importance for each art collector to believe in his or her personal, aesthetic vision. My advice is to never question your client’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions. There are always opportunities to learn from new eyes. 

SRI: Any additional tips for choosing just the right spot for a new piece of art?

TP: I believe that when you choose a significant work of art, it will always find the right spot. You will know when the artwork finds its home.  

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