live, beautifully

Live Beautifully En Plein Air

Ever true to our tagline, we believe in living beautifully through seamless integration between our selves and our spaces. So when summer finds us spending as much time outdoors as temporally possible, we consider the ways in which our environs can better support us, specifically by asking ourselves: What elements enable us to live our best lives? And how can we extend those gestures outside?

live, beautifully

Ode to Dad

Holidays devoted to parenting often take on the cast of commercialism, and with one of our feet in retail, we too can fall prey to the present side of the occasion, rather than being present for the sentiment itself, as Elisa does in the SRI Journal.


Market Distillations

To prepare for the rush of Summer, we spend our Spring at market, sourcing fresh finds from our favorite brands at places like High Point. Before saturation set in, we sketched our thoughts on the throughlines we had observed—currents and concepts that felt new and noteworthy, less trendy, more timeless. We believe these design themes will outlast seasonal flux, setting the tone for further innovations in collections to come. As ever, we look for ways to spark epiphanies of beauty amid the everyday. By introducing one of these pieces—or concepts—into a room, you’ll find your space transformed.