Kitchen Confidential

The heart of the home can be both serene and functional For Elisa, kitchens epitomize the dualism of home design: a kitchen must achieve total functionality as well as complete serenity—characteristics that threaten to conflict if not expertly balanced. As such, Elisa considers kitchens successful when they meet the needs of the people who occupy […]


A Warm Welcome

Transform your entry into an artful moment. We pay attention to thresholds, to spaces of transition. As such, the oft-overlooked entry becomes a site of care and curation in our design program, the place where the serenity of home starts. Every piece placed in this pivotal zone thus becomes an opportunity to communicate calm and […]

eye spy with elisa

Alpine Haven Edition

The design of a room sings when the individual character of the client comes through in the careful composition of elements. Reflecting on high points in her portfolio, Elisa Chambers describes her favorite aspects of specific rooms in our new series, Eye Spy. For an active family of boys, Elisa opted for pieces that did […]