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Inside Out: Our Summer Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

Summer has arrived and there’s never been a better time to step up your outdoor entertaining game. We have all heard about the importance of bringing the outside in by incorporating natural elements into interior environments to create spaces that feel warm, supportive, and vibrant. But when it comes to outdoor summer living, we embrace […]

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How Do You “Quaranteam”?

Hosting Family and Friends This Summer  After spending the past few months in various states of isolation, now more than ever, we have come to understand the importance of personal connection and spending quality time with family and friends. Although we have the technology to stay in touch with our loved ones, nothing beats visiting […]

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Snake River Interiors is in a Mood

We have been feeling a bit feverish at SRI, first with cabin fever, and now with Spring fever. We will gladly take the latter! The weather is warming up, the grass is green, and signs of new life are all around us–it could not have come at a more perfect time. This Spring, we are […]