project zoom: west bank retreat

As designers, we cultivate spaces that support and embrace their occupants. When we design for families, we strive to provide opportunities for them to commune and live authentically with ease and comfort.


leather & linen

Learning to embrace the imperfections. Choosing the right fabrics can certainly add a sense of comfortable luxury to almost any designed space. Linen and leather are both natural fabrics that sometimes maintain a bad reputation, but these are two of our personal favorites to incorporate into designed spaces because of their facets of uniqueness and […]

live, beautifully

secret garden

For our founder Elisa, having a garden has always been an essential part of her home. Growing up, first on the east coast and then moving to southern California, her mother was a horticulture judge with a true passion for growing flowers. We chatted with Elisa about her own gardening history, how growing flowers helps her feel connected to the earth, and the importance of designing spaces with nature in mind.