couch chronicles

Scents to Soothe

The practice of lighting a candle has been linked to lowering anxiety (amen). While we’re all sheltering at home, what better time to fill your home with scents that can transport you, help shed some stress and make you smile. Do as our founder Elisa does, and try lighting different candles throughout the house at […]

couch chronicles

The Couch Chronicles

You’ve been to the grocery store. You’ve gone for the bike ride. The nature walk is complete. And now, you’re back in the house, snuggling into your favorite spot: the sofa—the official piece of furniture for 2020.   The sofa has made a powerful comeback! Historically, it has been a place to sit while watching […]

live, beautifully

The Joy of Home

Our homes are our refuge, now more than ever. As we shelter in place, we are given the unique opportunity to slow down and focus on what’s truly important in our lives, to assess our values, and to live with greater intention. Although our world has become restricted in ways that most of us have never experienced […]