Importance of Contrast

Opposites attract—an axiom among humans—can also be applied to interior finishes. The balance achieved by pairing contrasting textures, styles and silhouettes invites intrigue: how do those two seemingly discordant components work so well together? An adept eye finds harmony in contrast. Consider the variety of textures deployed in the Family Refuge project: in the living […]

live, beautifully

Pet Aesthetics

From spill-prone partners to muddy paws, numerous factors compel us to approach design with both durability and beauty in mind. Specifically, as pet people, we make our four-legged friends feel as welcome in our interiors as our bipedal clients. Whether sourcing from our Signature 22 custom furniture collection or placing vessels for treat storage, we help you live effortlessly with your fur-mily.

live, beautifully

Live Beautifully En Plein Air

Ever true to our tagline, we believe in living beautifully through seamless integration between our selves and our spaces. So when summer finds us spending as much time outdoors as temporally possible, we consider the ways in which our environs can better support us, specifically by asking ourselves: What elements enable us to live our best lives? And how can we extend those gestures outside?