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Clean Elegance

Clean lines recast a kitchen in contemporary sophistication A kitchen remodel may seem like a concise design intervention, but for this older house, the reimagined room lent new life to the entire residence. An airy elegance now suffuses the space—formerly awash in heavy wood. Clean white cabinetry flank the gourmet gas stove, hiding both the […]


The Green Light of Spring

Spring signals a verdant design palette Every spring, Elisa drives around awestruck by the explosion of fresh growth in the valley. Along Teton Pass. Down Snake River Canyon. Everywhere she looks, a riot of green greets her. Thanks to the continued wet weather, the lush profusion has carried into early summer. “It’s hard to comprehend […]


Kitchen Confidential

The heart of the home can be both serene and functional For Elisa, kitchens epitomize the dualism of home design: a kitchen must achieve total functionality as well as complete serenity—characteristics that threaten to conflict if not expertly balanced. As such, Elisa considers kitchens successful when they meet the needs of the people who occupy […]