Jewel Box Powder Rooms

Elisa approaches tiny toilettes as jewel boxes—small spaces containing enormous potential for expressive style. Public facing yet free in spirit (untethered design-wise to other rooms), powder rooms present an opportunity to have fun and be bold. Elisa ensures her clients see such spaces as outlets for expressions. In initial budget conversations, she often begins by […]


Devil in the Details—Hardware as Crucial, Careful Punctuation

Like punctuation, hardware clarifies the statements made within an interior design story. Like a period at the end of the sentence, cabinet pulls and door knobs represent one of the last decisions made, and yet their presence is fundamental. For Elisa, a kitchen without hardware feels lacking—a missed opportunity to make a tactile connection between […]

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Before and After: 80s Time Capsule Transformed

“Before and after” comparisons can feel like exercises in time travel; with vision, dated rooms, dripping with period details, can metamorphosize into completely different spaces. Such is the case with our freshly-finished project outside Cleveland, Ohio—a project that may be Elisa’s most dramatic transformation in collaboration with architects Charles Fazio and Associates. The original entry, […]