live, beautifully

Get Out

As our surrounds thaw, we plan for the days when segueing between indoors and out does not require muck boots, but instead allows for bare-footed traipsing. In every project we design, we extend the conviviality we create inside to the adjacent outdoor areas. As such, we imbue each exterior element with care and beauty, allowing […]


Historicity, elevated

A historic rock structure—originally built as a creamery—has lived through many transformations, moving from Montana to Wyoming, changing hands of ownership. Within such a profound frame, the interior space must rise to the occasion through subtle refinements. So when the creamery became the new domicile of longtime clients of Snake River Interiors, we knew how […]

live, beautifully

Dream Client

Several years ago, a keen prospector crossed the threshold of Snake River Interiors, sans appointment, drawn in by the aesthetic visible through the window. In town visiting her sister—a new resident of Ely Springs—the Oklahoman enjoyed an electric 15-minute chat with Elisa and quickly confided, “I want you to do my house.” Only hitch: She […]