A Warm Welcome

Transform your entry into an artful moment.

We pay attention to thresholds, to spaces of transition. As such, the oft-overlooked entry becomes a site of care and curation in our design program, the place where the serenity of home starts. Every piece placed in this pivotal zone thus becomes an opportunity to communicate calm and communion, welcome and warmth, style and seasonality. Consider these components as you build your beautiful prologue of place.

Statement piece

A one-of-a-kind chest or console lends anchoring character to an entry. This antique piece, aged to perfection and featured at Twenty Two Home, sets a warm, textured foundation for further accessorizing.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors embody the transitional nature of an entryway, reflecting natural light and expanding the effect of cozy hospitality. We love sourcing vintage mirrors as portals of personality.

Sculptural arrangement

Add an artful element with an oversized vase filled with branches or flowers. For this entry, we placed a Space Vase by Menu—a favorite at Twenty Two Home—accented by budding branches. Tree clippings, seasonal foliage and grasses would achieve a similar effect—just think big and abundant.

Stop and smell

Signal the interior shift with an olfactory mood-setter: an artisan candle in a graceful vessel appeals to both the eye and nose, lending a hint of hygge. We picked Austin Press’s Forager’s Wood for its evocation of earthy magic.

Go native

Building on the floral moment, an objet d’art—like this native Wyoming antler tipped in silver wire—summons place with subtle sophistication.

Beautiful function

Beyond form, an entry must function as a way station between outside and in. To this end, a leather tray serves as a catchall—elegantly so—for keys and such. Along the same line, a prayer rug in lieu of a mat makes for a worldly, rather than ordinary, welcome.

Perfect perch

Ever contending with burly footwear in Wyoming, a chic stool makes wrestling off your boots a breeze. Leave those muddy treads behind and proceed into the calm of home.

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