Devil in the Details—Hardware as Crucial, Careful Punctuation

Like punctuation, hardware clarifies the statements made within an interior design story. Like a period at the end of the sentence, cabinet pulls and door knobs represent one of the last decisions made, and yet their presence is fundamental. For Elisa, a kitchen without hardware feels lacking—a missed opportunity to make a tactile connection between people and place. Over the course of a day, everyone in a home interacts with its hardware: grabbing the closet handle at dawn, pulling open a drawer for a coffee spoon, pushing in the front door after a full day. These countless interactions accumulate into a real—if overlooked—relationship with design: the pieces we reach for constantly—their feel, their visual comfort—serve as quiet reminders of care. For instance, the frosted glass door leading into Elisa’s office in the back of Twenty Two Home features a 4-foot-long, 2-inch-round blackened metal handle. A statement piece, its heft lends character and strength to the door, contrasting the soft lightness of the frosted glass. Pushing open the door becomes an affirmation of empowerment, a threshold of layered confidence.

When sourcing hardware for a home, Elisa considers her clients’ preferences and style. Would they rather open a cabinet with a push latch or a pull? What finishes are featured throughout the home? Should flourishes made elsewhere—in the form of statement lighting or decorative accents—be considered in contrast? Or can the hardware act like jewelry, a decorative turn unto itself? Often, Elisa gravitates toward timeless silhouettes, clean in profile yet substantial to touch. Though fundamental, hardware need not be boring; approached as jewelry, the presence of hardware can convey play and personality.

A client’s call for a clean, contemporary kitchen directed the use of push latches in lieu of pulls. Mirroring the modern faucet, angular brushed nickel handles on the paneled refrigerator complement the sleek millwork of the custom cabinetry.

Channeling the layered story made by the Shaker cabinetry within such a modern setting, the drawer pulls strike a traditional note while still embracing sophistication.

Having chosen brass as the color accent within the white kitchen remodel, rounded brass pulls bridge the distance between the glossy white and natural warmth of the walnut shelving.

Within the richness of the mahogany cabinetry, the brushed-stainless pulls set a light tone in keeping with the accenting stonework.

The visual statement made by the logs becomes softened by the flat planes of the millwork and modern style of the expansive stainless steel sink and the industrial pendant lights. As such, oil-rubbed bronze pulls marry the warmth of the wood with the edginess of the accents.

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