project zoom: west bank retreat

As designers, we cultivate spaces that support and embrace their occupants. When we design for families, we strive to provide opportunities for them to commune and live authentically with ease and comfort. For this recently completed project, we worked closely with the family to meet their every need and tailored a space that embodies their love of gathering with family and friends, whether in play or in repose. 

For a family who loves to cook and entertain, we designed an open floor plan that seamlessly progresses from the kitchen to the living room, keeping family and friends engaged while preparing a delicious meal or relaxing by the fire. Crowned with a delicate, exquisite chandelier, the dining area epitomizes elegant sophistication. Its display of beautiful warm woods and sumptuous leather creates a luxurious backdrop, fit for both formal gatherings and the ease of everyday living. 

The living room serves as the hearth of the home and manifests livable luxury, setting the stage for lively family gatherings. Grounded by two stunning, opulent blue velvet sofas, the lavish feel of the space belies the materials used, which were selected for their beauty and ability to withstand the rigors of everyday family life. A tête-à-tête provides an intimate, cozy perch to gaze out the window, beckoning family members to curl up with a book, a warm drink and a companion. Each aspect of the design supports intimate communing in luxurious comfort, where nothing is precious, and every need is anticipated. 

The master bedroom, characterized by a classic, warm elegance, provides a luxurious retreat designed to function as a serene, restorative sanctuary. Rich textures add a softness and warmth to the room, eliciting feelings of splendor and refreshing comfort.    

To meet the challenges of accommodating visiting families and friends, we designed flexible spaces that easily convert from stylish and functional family areas to comfortable sleeping quarters. Although devised to sustain a crowd, the interior spaces also encourage moments of retreat, where one can steal away with a good book, engage in quiet contemplation, and find opportunities for relaxing refuge while surrounded by comfort and beauty. 

We’re passionate about creating interiors that support the needs of active families. Fully engaging with our clients to understand the shifting needs of their dynamic domestic lives enables us to create functional spaces, grounded in a thoughtful sophistication and luxury designed for real people.

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