Inside Out: Our Summer Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

Summer has arrived and there’s never been a better time to step up your outdoor entertaining game. We have all heard about the importance of bringing the outside in by incorporating natural elements into interior environments to create spaces that feel warm, supportive, and vibrant. But when it comes to outdoor summer living, we embrace the opposite idea: create the outdoor table of your dreams by bringing the inside out! At Snake River Interiors, we believe that your outdoor table should reflect the same care and attention to detail as your indoor one. Make your next intimate gathering a sight to behold and an experience to remember by following our designer tips for creating an inspired outdoor table for your guests. 

Tip #1: Fear Not: Embrace Your Best

You love your finest china and your best table linens, but how often do you use them? And do you dare take them outside? Well, it’s time to liberate them from a life of sequestration and embrace them for their ability to take your outdoor table from ordinary to extraordinary. Surrounded by incredible landscapes, your outdoor table should hold its own against the scenery and contribute to the majesty of the setting. By embracing your finest things, you give them new life. By bringing them outside, you create a beautiful backdrop that leaves a lasting impression for your guests. Many of our favorite pieces for the tabletop can be found at Twenty Two Home, such as the Astier de Villatte Robinson Collection, the Cache Flatware Setand Libeco Table Linens.

Tip #2: Keep it Fresh

Summer is the time for celebrating bounty and renewal, and nothing captures the glory of the season more than beautiful cut flowers. Artfully arranged blooms lend a flourish of elegance and a burst of color to any tabletop. Start by selecting your favorite vase and then head to the garden to harvest.  We’re in love with the Astier de Villatte Astrakhan Vase, available at Twenty Two Home. Want to brush up on your garden skills? We’re here to help.

Tip #3: Scents that Soothe 

As the sun sets and your guests settle into satiety, lure them into relaxation with soft, soothing flickers of light and the intimate, subtle scents that come from adding an array of candles to your tabletop. Clusters of candles in differing sizes create visual interest and add a warm glow to your table. Providing the perfect boost to the moonlight, your guests will delight in basking in the fragrant radiance of Cire Trudon Candles. Now available in two sizes at Twenty Two Home.  

Tip #4: See Your Accessories in a New Light 

Bring your favorite home accessories into the sunlight—or the moonlight! When we’re trapped indoors for long periods of time, even the best of us start to feel a little stale and rough around the edges. The same thing applies to our favorite home accessories. Give them new life and see them in a new light by taking them outdoors. Liberate your favorite throws from the sofa or reading chair and luxuriate in their comfort while curled up around the fire, immersed in quiet conversation. Comfy toss pillows are perfect for propping up your guests after dinner, encouraging them to linger and enjoy one another’s company. Even the best meals come to an end, and guests will eventually leave the table. By bringing your indoor accessories outside, you can make your guests feel as cozy and comfortable as they do in your living room.