Scents to Soothe

The practice of lighting a candle has been linked to lowering anxiety (amen). While we’re all sheltering at home, what better time to fill your home with scents that can transport you, help shed some stress and make you smile.

Do as our founder Elisa does, and try lighting different candles throughout the house at the same time. The layered effect creates olfactory interest as you move throughout spaces. “I like Josephine in the bedroom-it’s soft and feminine…Ernesto in the kitchen-it’s stronger and holds up to whatever you’re cooking.”

This week, to help you self-soothe at home, our sister store Twenty Two Home is offering 25% off Cire Trudon candles online. This French house has been producing candles since the 1600’s. The wax and cotton wick are contained in a blown-glass vessel, which stands alone as a beautiful accessory to enjoy even after the candle burns through. What makes Cire Trudon candles truly notable are their transportive scents.

Find a new favorite or try layering to create your own. What better time to indulge your senses?


  • Head notes: bergamot, kaffir lime, spices
  • Heart notes: Chinese camellia, Egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose
  • Base notes: Indonesian sandalwood, iris, white musks


  • Head notes: bergamot, grapefruit, rum
  • Heart notes: clove, labdanum, oak wood, patchouli
  • Base notes: amber, leather, moss, tobacco

Rose Poivrée

  • Head notes: lily of the valley, Madagascar pepper, tangerine
  • Heart notes: amber, palmarosa, rose
  • Base notes: musks, sandalwood


  • Head notes: cardamom
  • Heart notes: sandalwood essential oil
  • Base notes: Guaiac wood


  • Head notes: verbena
  • Heart notes: grapefruit
  • Base notes: hyacinth


  • Head notes: bergamot peel
  • Heart notes: mimosa
  • Base notes: iris

Shop the candle sale at our sister store, Twenty Two Home.

The Couch Chronicles

You’ve been to the grocery store. You’ve gone for the bike ride. The nature walk is complete. And now, you’re back in the house, snuggling into your favorite spot: the sofa—the official piece of furniture for 2020.

The sofa has made a powerful comeback! Historically, it has been a place to sit while watching a movie, reading a book, or hosting a game night. But now, in this strange time, it has finally come into its own. Need to have a mid-day conference call with your team? Take it on the sofa. Are you homeschooling the kids? What better place is there to do it than on the sofa? Need a cocktail after working from home all day while monitoring the classroom in your living room? Just clear off the kids’ schoolbooks, put away your laptop, prop up your feet, and sink into the sofa. Comfort, support and function for more situations than we ever imagined would routinely occur in our homes.

At Snake River Interiors, we encourage you to have a seat and celebrate the ultimate piece of leisure furniture that’s holding your house together and comes with a lot less guilt than the bed. And so, we title our upcoming series The Couch Chronicles to capture life as we shelter in place. Each week we’ll feature something new to inspire your life at home, as we adjust to and embrace our new way of living.

Here are two of our favorite sofas to perch on:

The Wilson Sofa
With its plush down cushions and generous proportions, the Wilson sofa will beckon you. A perfect balance of casual elegance and alluring comfort.

The Après Sofa
The clean lines of the Après Sofa make it a smart choice for transitional spaces. Comfortably seats a crowd in unmatched comfort and relaxation. 

The Joy of Home

Our homes are our refuge, now more than ever. As we shelter in place, we are given the unique opportunity to slow down and focus on what’s truly important in our lives, to assess our values, and to live with greater intention. Although our world has become restricted in ways that most of us have never experienced before, we can embrace this challenging time and view it as a chance to enjoy our homes in new ways, connect with our families and friends, and support our greater community. We must find the beauty in everyday life and recognize the sacred in it all. 

Family is the heart of the home, and for so many of us, we commune in the kitchen or around the table to eat, talk, or play games. We are fueled and uplifted by connection with our family and friends. In this time of isolation, it is imperative that we continue to nurture our need for togetherness and create lasting memories within our homes. One way to do this is to plan a Skype or Facetime dinner date with friends or family members who are far away. Set a beautiful table, grab a bottle of wine, and enjoy an evening together. 

Your dining table may be known for its lively dinner conversations, but during isolation, it can also serve as the perfect place to have a seat and meaningfully bridge the distance with those you love. In this time of electronic connectivity, we often neglect to take the slow approach to communicating with our loved ones. Write letters. Send cards. Encourage your kids to draw pictures or write to your extended family and friends. When our worlds are confined to our homes, the mailbox can bring us unexpected joy and connection.  

Spending a lot of time at home can really bring things into focus. Over time, our homes become a repository for our lives, and before we know it, we are burdened by things that no longer serve us. Take this time to evaluate the things you are holding onto and why. Sometimes less is more. Clearing out unused things not only helps declutter your home, but it also provides an opportunity to reflect on the things you do value and relive cherished memories in the process. 

Although we may be confined to our homes, the world is at our fingertips. Take this opportunity to learn and grow. Feed your soul. Take a virtual tour of a museum or learn a new language. Enlist your friends and family to join you in this process of discovery. We may be physically apart, but we are better and stronger when we do things together.  

Please join us next week to peruse our couch chronicles and our favorite items to have on hand during a lockdown.