Our Duality: Interior Architecture + Interior Design

As custom designers, every aspect of our process is tailored to our clients as individuals—how they live, what they love, where they find joy. Decades in design have taught us to trust our clients as much as our instincts. Only together—with our clients—can we do our best work and make a series of spaces a soulful home.

Underpinning our bespoke process is a core distinction between the two modes in which we work: interior design versus interior architecture. We coined these categorizes to clarify the services we provide: interior architecture defines our involvement in spatial configurations, schematic design and design development. We refine scope, we consult on spatial progressions, and we help set a schedule.

Stone house surrounded by nature

For instance, when working on Ranch X, we introduced contemporary aspects into the architectural program, including large patio doors perfect for the clients’ predilection for entertaining. Once a project is programmed, we guide our clients through construction documentation and administration, conducting regular site visits as the project proceeds, ensuring adherence to the design direction.

Modern walls mixed with rustic furnishings like a red chair

Meanwhile, interior design describes our placement of objects within those thoughtful spaces: furnishings, fabrics, flooring, rugs, lighting, art and accessories. We listen to our clients’ aesthetic inspirations and we manifest those affinities as harmonious schemas. Once mapped, we source, purchase, expedite, receive, inspect, install, and style each and every piece in our clients’ homes. Seeing—and fulfilling—the whole picture is our passion.

Sky blue kitchen cabinets with white walls and tan curtains

When a client approached us with a guest cabin concept, we recognized an opportunity to create a cozy yet transitional retreat for the owners as well as their guests. As such, we chose a brighter palette than that found in their main residence, striving for big charm in the small space. This bold design direction found its way into every detail of the cabin, from the blue kitchen cabinets to the salon-style wall of avian paintings in the living room.

Rustic cabin with glamourous furnishings like a crystal chandelier and avian paintings in a gallery installation.

In practice, we move fluidly between the structural and aesthetic aspects of design, allowing our clients to experience a seamless evolution of space. No matter the realm in which we operate, we manage all aspects of building our clients’ beautiful lives, plank by plank, piece by piece.

A rustic cabin. A woman is in motion in the image.