How Do You “Quaranteam”?

Hosting Family and Friends This Summer 

After spending the past few months in various states of isolation, now more than ever, we have come to understand the importance of personal connection and spending quality time with family and friends. Although we have the technology to stay in touch with our loved ones, nothing beats visiting in person and experiencing the joy that comes from time well spent together. As spring turns to summer, our thoughts lean toward expanding our “quaranteam” and hosting guests in our homes. 

At Snake River Interiors, we are passionate about creating beautiful spaces to welcome guests and provide them with a thoughtfully curated environment, making them feel pampered throughout their stay. Below are our favorite ways to make guests feel at home—we call it “Guest Prep 101”—many of which are available from our sister store Twenty Two Home to ship nationwide. 

Quench Those Nighttime Thirsts 

When you live at high altitude, staying hydrated is essential (especially after long hikes, a day of biking, or intense shopping!). To make it easy for our guests, we love to provide fresh water on their bedside table. This thoughtful gesture shows that you care about their well-being and their morning after. Spruce up its delivery with a beautiful decanter. From classically elegant to more sophisticated modern forms, we are drawn to these alluring vessels: 

The Astier de Villatte Colbert Pitcher adds a touch of rustic charm to any space. Each classic piece is handmade, one of a kind, and finished with a milky glaze that amplifies the character of the clay.  

The inspired form of the Georg Jensen HK Pitcher brings a sensuous sophistication to any bedside table. With its elegantly extended handle and exaggerated lip, this pitcher is both a pleasure to use and a feast for the eyes. 

Spice Up the Bedroom 

Place fresh flower arrangements in the bedroom and inspire your guests! The gentle fragrance and visual allure of thoughtfully arranged blooms enhance any space. Our inspiration for selecting the perfect flowers always begins with choosing the consummate vase: 

With its milky white finish and classic silhouette, the Astier de Villatte Astrakhan Vase holds a burst of colorful flowers beautifully. The artistry of this vase elevates any bouquet from ordinary to heavenly.

We marvel at the graceful lines of the Georg Jensen Bloom Bowl. Floating gardenia blossoms in this gorgeous vessel will create instant tranquility in any bedroom. 

Provide A Taste of the West 

The breathtaking landscapes and majestic wildlife inspire all of us who live here. Provide your family and friends with a strong sense of place by incorporating a taste of the west into your guest space, inviting them to feel deeply connected to this incredible place while staying in your home. Skip the western kitsch: Our favorite home accessories are exceedingly stylish and reflect the natural beauty of our rugged landscape.

The Natural Wire Wrapped Elk Antler Sculpture makes a quiet statement in any interior. Its raw, elegant lines and subtle wire embellishment give a gentle nod to our rustic surroundings. Beautifully mounted, decidedly western, and purely chic. For smaller spaces, embrace the equally exquisite Silver-Wrapped Natural Antler or Silver Antler

Engage All the Senses 

Some of our favorite memories are triggered by scents from our past. By incorporating subtle fragrance into your guest spaces, you can ensure that your friends and family will have a lasting and powerful association with their visit. For this, we love the soft, feminine scent of the Cire Trudon Josephine Candle.  Its lightly floral aroma delicately enhances any space and creates a relaxing and memorable environment for guests.