Pet Aesthetics

From spill-prone partners to muddy paws, numerous factors compel us to approach design with both durability and beauty in mind. Specifically, as pet people, we make our four-legged friends feel as welcome in our interiors as our bipedal clients. Whether sourcing from our Signature 22 custom furniture collection or placing vessels for treat storage, we help you live effortlessly with your fur-mily.


Slipcovers make sofas and armchairs as friendly for pets as they are for eyes. As part of our Signature 22 collection, several pieces have become beloved by dogs. When sheathed in textured, washable weaves, the Elisa Chair and Moran Swivel serve as perfect pet thrones. If sourcing outside our line, we encourage upholstery with tonal and/or textural variation; such fabrics hide the inevitable paw print. Washable throws can act as slipcovers for furniture pieces favored by pets; the brown stripe linen throw, made from a blend of Belgian linen and wool, can be washed on the delicate cycle if dirtied.


Drawing inspiration from our ranching surrounds, cowhides are our go-to floor covering in high-trafficked areas like mudrooms. In service of ski boots and dirty paws alike, cowhides shed dirt with a simple shake outside or stroke of a vacuum. At Twenty Two Home, we stock a selection of sizes in a contemporary palette ranging from moody gris gray and subtle champagne to the classic graphic of brown-on-white markings. Similarly indestructible, Chilewich runners and mats hold up in hallways and laundry rooms, under entry benches, even outside. Quick drying and mold/mildew resistant, they can be hosed off when marked by muddy paws.


We believe in storing treats and pet accessories in style. Bones live beautifully in vintage Indonesian bowls as well as Astier de Villatte vases. To stash dog toys, turn to a classic basket, like these square silhouettes in natural or black. And loop leashes on antler racks or decorative driftwood as hook. Pets can also inspire wall décor as well, including art curation; this mixed-media collage provided playful contrast for a stately commode.

Live Beautifully En Plein Air

Ever true to our tagline, we believe in living beautifully through seamless integration between our selves and our spaces. So when summer finds us spending as much time outdoors as temporally possible, we consider the ways in which our environs can better support us, specifically by asking ourselves: What elements enable us to live our best lives? And how can we extend those gestures outside?

In Good Company

PC: Tuck Fauntleroy

Homes oriented toward entertaining naturally grow in scope come summer, as patios beckon with unfussy furniture clusters. At Teton Chalet—a family compound tucked into its hillside setting—we created a social focal point by encircling a sculptural fire pit with eight Adirondack chairs. Aglow at night, the scene evokes a campfire ring, as warm as it is welcoming.


For home chefs and hosts, outdoor dining spaces are essential. With this missive, we choose wares that convey both rustic beauty and functionality, items that make the flow from kitchen to patio feel effortless and stress-free. Starting with a sturdy metal-topped table and woven chairs, exemplified by the ensemble Elisa Chambers set for herself at home. For durable yet designed table settings, we turn to the stock of our sister showroom, Twenty Two Home, where a new collection of Acacia Tulip and Round Salad Bowls easily segue family-style dinners outdoors. Marble Serving Trays and Rastro Cutting Boards allow for stylish yet sturdy transport and display. And our signature Twenty Two Home Glazed Stoneware line of handmade plates and bowls lends a luxe practicality to outdoor place settings. To strike an organic note, add our Striped Linen Napkins as a finishing touch.

Serene Reflection

For some, designed moments of quietude are a lifestyle priority—translated through interior design as cozy reading nooks and intimate sitting areas. Outside, we cultivate similar spaces of quiet repose by tucking seats into the porches or decks adjacent to bedrooms. Inherently private, such terraces invite reflection, a scene epitomized by the outdoor sitting area we designed off of the primary bath at Ranch X. Outfitted with a pair of vintage metal armchairs, matching side table, and stone planter, the private patio allows for serene seclusion.