SRI Celebrates International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, we encourage you to join us in celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of women, reflecting on how far we’ve come, and recognizing that the fight for equality is an ongoing one. At Snake River Interiors, we are an all-women team that is passionate about design and our shared goal of bringing beautiful and thoughtfully designed homes to those families with whom we work. Although we hail from different backgrounds and have had vastly different life experiences, our team shares a common aspiration—to do our best work, while continuously learning and growing as professionals and women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts and colleagues, and we are powerful beyond measure in all aspects of our lives, both as individuals and as a team. When women get together, we can move mountains! And we can also design your dream home.   

On this special day, we’re celebrating women working together and creating an environment where everyone can thrive, by reflecting on the power that comes from working on an all-women team. Meet the women of SRI: 

Elisa Chambers, Owner and Principal Designer 

“I didn’t start out with the intention of having an all-women team–it happened organically. But it makes sense: Women are incredibly strong and capable.  They take care of each other in the workplace, in the home and out in the world, because they are empathetic and nurturing. Thanks to these qualities, women create productive and effective work environments, where every member of the team is empowered to grow and succeed.” 

Cheryl Askegreen, Textile Librarian 

“Working on an all women team gives us a unique advantage of open collaboration in which each designer’s voice is heard. The comfortable atmosphere fosters creativity, as we all work to support each other in creating an artistic vision for each project.” 

Christine Baum, Interior Designer 

“There is a great joy that comes from working on an all-women team. Women are not only smart and skilled, but also thoughtful and caring. Our natural strengths in nurturing others, combined with our strong work ethic and professionalism, create a work environment where individuals feel challenged, encouraged and supported.” 

Carmen Bonilla, HR and Office Manager 

“Having an all women firm strengthens our team dynamics. We can communicate and share our opinions without the need to feel competitive. We value each other and learn from our different perspectives and ideas, without having to worry that we will be overshadowed by the male counterpart. Our team is strong, because we are all professional women who work hard and are passionate about the success of our firm.” 

Carissa Cannon, Interior Designer 

“Getting the chance to work with other women with different design backgrounds and career and life experiences is uplifting and unique. Although we are all very different, we listen to each other, value each other, challenge each other, encourage each other, respect each other, give each other strength and confidence, and, most importantly, support each other. Everyone is not only passionate about what they do, but we all teach each other so we can learn and grow.” 

Miriam Garcia De Alba, Business Coordinator 

“Some of the benefits of working with all women are that there’s more active participation, even for the shy ones. We’re able to speak our mind more easily, and if we’re struggling with something, there’s always someone willing to help. We are full of optimism and positivity when we encounter issues, and this helps us to analyze situations and solve problems more effectively.” 

Katie Neubecker, Design Assistant 

“Women have the nesting instinct to create harmonized spaces. Just like people motivate and encourage each other, subtle changes to our surroundings can also have an impact on our lives. It is inspiring to work with women who challenge themselves to think beyond the status quo to give rise to radiant ideas that enhance the environment of others.”

Heidi Stephenson, Interior Designer

“Women in my life make things more beautiful…relationships, experiences, and even spaces. This same beautiful influence is evident in our work at SRI because of our all-female staff. We build each other up, while we create beauty for our clients.”