family compound

A young family found a leafy suburban estate that suited all their criteria save for style; cue a complete overhaul of the 80s time capsule. Working with architectural firm Charles Fazio and Associates, the massive project (spanning more than 40 acres and inclusive of a guest house, pool, cabana, tennis court and multiple garages in addition to the 13,000sq.ft. Craftsman-style main house) centered on creating an exuberant enclave for the family and their desire to entertain amid beautifully durable luxury. Now integrating the forested surrounds, the revamped open layout allows rooms to work together while maintaining aesthetic distinction. Throughout, the home features more windows, less formality (shifted staircases), lifted ceilings and fewer walls. A sense of joyful hospitality now pervades with every interconnected space designed to accommodate relatives, friends and fur babies, all in happy communion amid furnishings marked by both functionality and wow factor.

fairway transformation

Nature now sets the tone inside a Westbank home, with panoramic immersion empowered by the proliferation of picture windows and the interior palette of blackened steel and bleached walnut. Within this scenic frame, luxurious layers, subtle juxtapositions and lush textures encourage memory-making amid mountain majesty. Built for a bachelor in the 1990s, the redefined home now brims with family and friends—and features to welcome them all in contemporary comfort. The clean lines of the reimagined architecture contrast the tactile finishes of the design schema, exemplified by elegant moments such as the recessed railing leading upstairs—sheathed and hand-stitched in leather, backlit for quiet drama. Every detail attests to the home’s complete and utter transformation.

dream cabin

A respectful renovation balances historical preservation and contemporary design. 

A historic log cabin, reimagined for a preservation-minded couple. Working with the architect, we thoughtfully swapped extraneous wood for panoramic windows and steel I-beams. The resulting interior feels simultaneously seamless and sophisticated, open and intimate. Layers of texture lend intrigue throughout: rustic timber walls complement the client’s contemporary art collection; plush upholstery softens such as a copious cobalt sectional soften minimalist lines of metal; cozy nooks, like one bridging the living room and master suite, invite relaxation. The master transforms the historic core of the cabin into a refuge defined by logs darkened to near black. Catering to keen chefs, we designed a gourmet kitchen as functional as it is flawless; opting out of a dining room in favor of a larger family area, the expansive kitchen island seats six. Every careful detail reflects the synergy we felt with this client and their respect for both history and design.