The Couch Chronicles

You’ve been to the grocery store. You’ve gone for the bike ride. The nature walk is complete. And now, you’re back in the house, snuggling into your favorite spot: the sofa—the official piece of furniture for 2020.

The sofa has made a powerful comeback! Historically, it has been a place to sit while watching a movie, reading a book, or hosting a game night. But now, in this strange time, it has finally come into its own. Need to have a mid-day conference call with your team? Take it on the sofa. Are you homeschooling the kids? What better place is there to do it than on the sofa? Need a cocktail after working from home all day while monitoring the classroom in your living room? Just clear off the kids’ schoolbooks, put away your laptop, prop up your feet, and sink into the sofa. Comfort, support and function for more situations than we ever imagined would routinely occur in our homes.

At Snake River Interiors, we encourage you to have a seat and celebrate the ultimate piece of leisure furniture that’s holding your house together and comes with a lot less guilt than the bed. And so, we title our upcoming series The Couch Chronicles to capture life as we shelter in place. Each week we’ll feature something new to inspire your life at home, as we adjust to and embrace our new way of living.

Here are two of our favorite sofas to perch on:

The Wilson Sofa
With its plush down cushions and generous proportions, the Wilson sofa will beckon you. A perfect balance of casual elegance and alluring comfort.

The Après Sofa
The clean lines of the Après Sofa make it a smart choice for transitional spaces. Comfortably seats a crowd in unmatched comfort and relaxation.