Historicity, elevated

A historic rock structure—originally built as a creamery—has lived through many transformations, moving from Montana to Wyoming, changing hands of ownership. Within such a profound frame, the interior space must rise to the occasion through subtle refinements. So when the creamery became the new domicile of longtime clients of Snake River Interiors, we knew how to achieve their aesthetic through careful and calculated adjustments. Focusing on modern luminosity and livability, we reimagined the master bath and kitchen, and introduced new flooring throughout. Decisive and design-driven, our clients trusted our plan to introduce a keystone material—oak stained a soft gray—as a complement to the two-foot-thick stone walls originally laid by Scottish stonemasons.

Functionality drove the decision to replace the original barnwood floors—wide pine planks which pleased the eye but splintered underfoot. Their dark ochre tone also felt too heavy for the expansive space. By opting instead for light stained oak, we achieved a delicacy previously absent in the interior. Now, the new floors feel as luscious as they look. 

To create a seamless sense of lightness, we applied a similar light gray stain to the new custom cabinetry in the kitchen, a treatment that enhances the oak grain of the sustainably sourced wood. What’s more, the new wood brings out tones in the stone walls previously muted. The rock feels more nuanced, more vibrant in the company of stained oak. 

Moving on to the master bath, functionality once again reigned supreme: originally a bit cramped, the new layout prioritizes sophisticated form-meets-relaxing function: the steel-encased glass shower complements the black enameled freestanding tub, and the new double vanity—sheathed in the same stained oak—lends elegant continuity. 

Design from the Heart

As the day of love approaches, we encourage translating Valentine’s inspiration into interior expressions. At Snake River Interiors, we wholeheartedly believe that the beauty of a gifted bouquet can extend beyond February 14th into an aesthetic ethos that guides your design schema. By identifying your most beloved pieces and practices, your home can become a refuge anchored in affinity. From placing heirlooms to honoring pastimes, we help our clients isolate what brings them joy on a daily basis. By listening and learning, we imbue interiors with emotions and memories; only then does place become a personalized experience; only then does Cupid play an enduring role in customizing design.

Daily devotion

Designing by example, Elisa Chambers centered her own master bathroom (above) around her daily practice of unwinding in a tub. As such, she imagined a bathing oasis rich with details and contrast. The focal point: A sculptural soaking tub, perched atop planks of locally-sourced timber. Within the sanctity, Elisa can melt into her surroundings defined in the foreground by antiques curated from her collection and just beyond, by the pristine field outside the picture window. A daily ritual made all the more serene by the careful choreography of functional furniture.

Communal heart

When approaching a recent Dream Cabin remodel, we took careful note of the couple’s passions, namely their love of cooking for family and friends. With space at a premium, she helped them prioritize the rooms they would use most, an exercise best expressed in the design of a copious kitchen island in lieu of a separate dining room. Now, six guests can sit atop sleek stools encircling the island, proximity that allows them to join in the culinary fun. By customizing the architectural plan, we created a kitchen that simultaneously epitomizes and expands the couple’s gourmet devotion.

Treasured memories

A favorite piece of furniture can serve as a portal for memory, both conjuring moments from the past and making new memories. When designing the Signature 22 line of custom seating, we reflected on the functional items that starred in family memories: rocking infants to sleep. So with such moments in mind, we designed a swivel rocker—the Elisa glide chair—to foster such serenity amid activity. A site of love, made to order and share.

Celebrating 20 Years of Design

Although design trends come and go, at SRI we have always approached each project with the intention of creating stylish interiors, exempt from the whims that dictate popular trends. Over the past twenty years, the enduring elements of our designs have created spaces that exude a livable luxury that stands up to the demands of modern life, without sacrificing beauty. Our interiors aren’t precious, because we understand that the only thing in life that is precious are family and friends. By eschewing trends and embracing the realities of daily family life, we’ve been creating refined interiors that are not only beautiful, but sustainable for years to come.  

As interior designers, we fulfill many roles in the lives of clients for whom we design. Giving life to the hopes and dreams that people have for their homes requires a designer to have empathy, a true love of helping others, and a solid understanding of people’s values and how they want to live and express their most authentic selves through their home. This combination of qualities, combined with a passion for creating beautiful and functional interiors, is the guiding force that shapes SRI’s design process. Our approach to design has helped SRI form lasting relationships with clients that span over multiple house projects, and even multiple generations. As lives have changed and families have expanded and grown, SRI-designed homes have represented a common thread within the families we’ve served.  

Over the course of twenty years, SRI has developed strong relationships with the vendors and manufacturers who provide the furnishings for the homes we design. We choose to work with manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability through sound sourcing and manufacturing practices. It is through these long-lasting relationships that we have built a world-wide community of like-minded businesses that share our passion for bringing beautiful and ethically produced products to our clients’ homes and our retail showroom, Twenty Two Home.  

Our continued passion for designing interiors is made possible by the relationships we’ve cultivated. We are grateful for the trust we have been given by our clients to engage with them and learn the intimate details of how they live, so we can design the spaces that support and inspire them to live their best lives.